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    Aortic Valve-Sparing Operations Made Safer and Easier

How can I contribute?

We pursue to develop a community of active participants in the development of the AVP Device. This website is intended as a platform to achieve that objective. Please identify below who to reach out to for different topics, if you want to:

Participate in the clinical trials
In case you are active as a cardiothoracic surgeon and in some cases as a cardiologist, and you are enthusiastic about the possibilities of the AVP Device, please contact us. We are aiming for simultaneous multi-center international clinical trials so as to steepen our knowledge curve and to make the AVP Device available for patients soonest. Please contact Bardia for more information.

Contribute to the manufacturing and supply
I you represent a company which is capable of supplying medical grade (parts of) disposable devices, packaging and transport globally, please let us know. Are you interested to contribute please contact Marc for more information.

Distribute or resell the device
We are continually looking for parties to help us distribute the AVP Device to medical centers globally. In addition, at this stage we are are especially interested to be in touch with parties who are capable and willing to enter in a strategic partnership. Are you interested in distributing the AVP Device and / or entering in such a partnership, please contact DP.

Make an investment
We have arrived at the stage where we require funding for the further development of the global community of thoracic surgeons and further the development of the product, its certification and the production activities. In case you are interested to participate in the project / company-to-be as an investor, please contact DP.

Application in congenital thoracic surgery
Looking beyond the outcomes of this phase of the project, we are looking for an extension into congenital surgery also. Should this application of the AVP Device hold your particular interest, please contact Mark.