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    Aortic Valve-Sparing Operations Made Safer and Easier


Project Roles
The development of the AVP Device is currently managed as a project. Once the business, the technical and the medical feasibility prove solid, the project is envisaged to transform into a line organization.
At this point the driver of the project is Bardia Arabkhani. DP Bruin and Marc van Barneveld are engaging as project members, and Mark Hazekamp is involved as an advisor to the project with a specific interest in the applicability of the AVP Device to congenital thoracic surgery. Find their summary profiles below. Their responsibilities for the project activities are envisaged to be as follows, find their summary profiles below:

Community development internationally
Medical / Functional / Data Research
Contact Bardia for these topics

Product Design
Value chain development, pre-production, quality management of AVP BV i.o and quality monitoring of suppliers
Patent coordination
Preparation and administrative-logistical processes concerning medical-ethical commission(s) and clinical trials.
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Distribution and reimbursement
Financial administration and funding
Monitoring of project planning and realization
Legal affairs and agreements
Contact DP for these topics

General advisor to the project
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