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    Aortic Valve-Sparing Operations Made Safer and Easier


How much time does it take to connect and disconnect the AVP device?

Connecting the AVP device takes less than a minute. Disconnecting it takes 10 seconds.

How is pressure applied?

Saline solution is perfused making use of the pump functionality of the heart-lung machine. The device has two Luer connectors, one for inlet and one for de-venting during filling the aortic cavity.

For what aortic graft diameters can I use the AVP device?

The present version of the device is suitable for normal adult aortic graft diameters: 26mm - 32mm.

How is the AVP device fastened to the graft?
This requires three simple steps:
1) Select a nut that corresponds with the graft diameter and slide it over the graft. 
2) Screw the AVP into the graft. 
3) Run the nut over the the device thread until its end-position. 
The device is now sealingly connected. Watch this video to see the connection and disconnection proces.

In what way is visibility facilitated using the device?
The device enables the entering of a scope at close distance of the aortic valve, without touching it. The live images of the aortic valve can be evaluated and recorded on the scope monitor.

What are the conditions for visibility?

The material of the AVP device is transparent. The scope generates a clear view under the conditions that the aortic cavity, as well as the recess for the scope entry are both filled with saline solution.

How does the proposed procedure correlate with the existing procedures?

Currently, from the echoscopy including Doppler measurements the performance of the aortic valve is categorized to classes I to IV. Each category represents a range of leakage/loss prior to or after repair. The resulting category leads to a decision about the approach to the repair. In the proposed situation the leakage is measured exactly making use of the functionality of the perfusion function of the heart-lung machine.
The AVP device measurement procedure is being developed and validated at Leiden University Medical Center and other medical centers in Europe.